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Witset Comprehensive Community Plan and Community Land Use Plan Update

In 2018, Witset developed a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP for short). As part of the

project, we also completed a Community Land Use Plan. We have just launched a new project to update both our CCP and our Community Land Use Plan.


Why are we updating them?

We’ve experienced many changes over the past four years, including new developments and facilities, a growing population and changing demographics, and shifting priorities brought on with COVID. We are also continuing to acquire new lands, which opens new opportunities that our land use plan needs to consider. 


What are the two plans for?

We called our 2018 Comprehensive Community Plan, K’ay ’awet we’izdut’ë’n, which means “Let’s start now” in our language.


The plan tells the story of where our Nation wants to go in the future and outlines some actions and steps to get there.


The plan looks at all aspects of our community. This includes Elders and youth, culture and language, health and wellbeing, housing, education, our economy, and our lands and environment. 


Our Community Land Use Plan guides how new development is reviewed and approved in

Witset. It also includes maps and policies that outline what kinds of developments can be built where.  


What’s the timeline?

We started working on updating the two plans this fall and are looking to complete the work by fall 2023.

Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 11.10.07 AM.png

Who’s working on this?

You are! Input from Witset members will be key to making sure that this project is community-driven and grounded in Witset values. There will be various opportunities for Witset members to get have their say throughout the project.


We are also working closely with Witset staff and leadership. This project is being supported by EcoPlan, a Vancouver-based community planning firm that also helped support our 2018 CCP and Community Land Use Plan. 


How can you get involved?

Watch for more engagement opportunities in the New Year, including our next members

meeting in February 2023.


Want to learn more?

Keep an eye on this webpage where we’ll post project updates throughout. For more info, please contact: 


Lacey Naziel, Witset Lands Manager
(250) 847-2133 ext. 226

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