Social Development

DeWayne Robinson

Family Support Worker

DeWayne is the representative for Witsuwit'en families that are working with the Ministry of Children and

Family Development. He advocates for our future leaders, the Witsuwit’en children to ensure their safety to reside with their parent(s), extended family members or within the House Clan System members. He offers support to these families and facilitate any events that can help bring families closer together. DeWayne works in collaboration with the Office of the Witsuwit’en and is part of the ANABIP Team to bring cultural plans to our clients. 

Pricilla Naziel

Social Development Manager

Taylor Naziel

Social Development:                  Food Bank / Community Cook

Taylor handles the food bank 3 days a week (Mon, Wednes, Thurs), and Also Meal Preps and Cooks For Community Lunch on Fridays and Breakfasts on Saturdays.  She can be reached at the front desk of band office and no appointment needed, food bank is drop in.


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