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Our Housing Manager, Donna Van Tunen, applies to the government to build new homes on behalf of our members. We also have a Housing List, where requests for renovations are categorized according to the two renovations categories available--Mould Renovations and the RRAP Renovation.

If your name is already on the list and time has passed, we encourage you to visit and confirm your intentions and needs: the list is constantly being updated.

For more information, contact Donna at or at (250) 847-2133 ext. 232.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is social housing?

Social housing is an on-reserve, non-profit Housing program known as CMHC Section 95 housing. The program is to assist First Nations in providing affordable rental housing on-reserve.

Am I eligible?

Band members who are over the age of 19, do not own a home and are not paying a mortgage are eligible to be on the section 95 housing wait-list.

How often can a First Nations person apply for Section 95 Housing?

You can apply up to once per year if you are First Nations and have been formally invited by CMHC to do so.

Am I on the list?

To find out if you are on the section 95 housing list, please email:


Is my home eligible for renovation?

All requests for renovation must be submitted to the front desk in writing by the owner of the home. Once an application is submitted the Tenant Relations worker will look into your file for a record of past renovation dates. These dates will determine what type of renovation your home is eligible for.

To qualify for a Mould renovation an Environmental Health Officer must confirm mould in the home. Your home is eligible for a mould renovation once every ten years.

To qualify for a CMHC Energy Efficiency Renovation your home must be 5 years or older. Your home is eligible once every fifteen years. CHMC section 95 homes within the 25 year rental payment period are not eligible.

Is there a max on household earning to qualify for a renovation?

For CMHC RRAP renovations there is an income limit of $41,000.00. There is no income limit for Mould Renovations.

How do I apply?

Submit all requests in writing to the Tenant Relations Workers in person or via Email, Fax or Mail. For Section 95 housing, an application will be sent back to you to fill out.

I have a housing emergency! What should I do?

All Section 95 homes within the 25 year rental payment period must report any housing related emergencies within 24 hours of the incident occurring. Ex: Electrical, water & sewer, vandalism. All other homes are the responsibility of the homeowner to repair.

Any water line breakages must be reported to the Maintenance Department immediately.

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