Employment Assistance

Karen Plasway
Employment Asst Services Coordinator [EAS Dept]
Gitsxsan/Wetsuweten      Lax Gibuu Wilp Spookwx
Father Clan:  Tsayu
Dec 28th 2013 - Current
Providing employment services with background and knowledge of social services, Service Canada and their funding agencies.  With the knowledge I can assist clients in choosing their career and accessing different funding agencies to make their career goals a reality. 

Developed Nedilhk'iyh GOFAR Projects training and employment readiness program:  bringing industry training to eligible participants.

Our Employment Assistance Services Coordinator is Karen Plasway, of Gitxsan-Witsuwit'en Wilp Spookwx Lax Gibuu/Gitdumden heritage.

"My knowledge was gained from life experience in the tourism, forest and fishing industries throughout my career as a general labourer. Upon successful completion of the Office Assistant Program, I worked at the Ministry of Social Development, providing income and disability assistance. I learned inter-government negotiations as the seven Provincial Parks were being established in Witsuwit’en Territory. I then worked with Service Canada, processing training applications with Employment Insurance Benefits."

"In my current role, I provide resume writing services, funding application assistance and assisted job searches. I research labour market trends and current demands; the conceptualized Nedihlk’iyh Projects are funded on detailed planned Skills Training proposals approved by Tribal Resource Investment Corporation (TRICORP) an Aboriginal Skills Employment Training initiative through the Government of Canada."

"Like my clients, I continue to learn: I has taken the Essential Skills Practitioner course and am currently studying for her Provincial Instructors Diploma, which will allow me to empower my fellow First Nations."