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Planning and Development

Witset Community Vision:

Witset First Nation is a vibrant, healthy, self-sufficient community that enjoys a high quality of life, and practices good governance according to a’nuk’nuwet’en (the traditional laws of our people).

The Witset Community Land Use Plan provides a framework for land use and development in our community. As a community-driven plan, its development was closely linked to, and coordinated with, the Witset Comprehensive Community Plan process. It also includes directions from our 2018 – 2020 Strategic Plan, and builds on what was heard during the preliminary phase of land use planning work that occurred in Witset in 2017.

*The CCP and LUP were created by and for Witset First Nation members. Our community, from the youth to the elders were deeply involved in its development. This is our plan. Thank you to every member who participated in creating it. It could not have been done it without you!

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