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The Indian Registry Administrator is Christine Alfred.

She can be reached at (250) 847-2133 ext. 269.


Wednesdays are Client Intake Day at the Witset Band Office. If your card has expired, please call our receptionist and book an appointment at 250-847-2133.


This is government issued ID. You must bring two (2) valid pieces of identification. Photocopies or expired identification will not be accepted.



Follow the link to the Frequently Asked Questions on secure certificate of Indian Status cards by visiting here


Important forms for applying, renewing and updating status cards are available here.

Bill C-3 applicants must complete and submit both a Form No. Inter 83-114E and a Form No. Inter 83-120E

You must also provide two (2) unaltered, identical, commercial grade, passport style photographs with your application.


If an eligible guarantor cannot be obtained, applicants must complete and submit a Form No. Inter 83-119E


If you would like to register a child, complete the Parental Consent for Registration of a Minor Under the Indian Act here


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