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Working within the context of the client-centered, family-focused vision and goals of the Witset Health Centre, Home and Community Care Program, the FNIH Home and Community Care Program operates in accordance with CRNBC Standards of Practice.

The following services are available:

  • Book an appointment to use our jet tub

  • Book an appointment for foot care through HCC RN Michele Ralphs at extension 414

  • Treatment for chronic illnesses and diabetes

  • An Elders Lunch every first Tuesday of the month at the Centennial Hall

  • Community lunches every Wednesday of the month (with the exception of the first week)


Note: the Health Centre does not provide bandages for personal use, since our supplies are ordered for the specific use of our home care clients.

Did you know?

Witset now has a permanent full-time Registered Nurse. The Nurse can give you a referral for an Occupational Therapist assessment in your home, which will determine what you need to make your home safer. For example, if you have limited mobility, you could receive a referral for getting grab bars installed in your home. Your Community Health Nurse can also provide a referral for an Environmental Health Officer home inspection.

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