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The Witset Health Centre facilitates mental and emotional wellness in the village through advocacy and support

Want to speak with someone? Need support?

Call Joann Lameck to book an appointment at (250) 847-9328, extension 408.


Joann has over 35 years experience in the Social Services field, including her work as an Ordained Pastor, a Director of Community Family Services office, the Executive Director of four shelters and her own private counselling practice.


With a BA in Theology and a Masters degree in Counselling, Joann is also a member of two registering bodies (CPCA and CCPCA as a Registered Psychotherapists). She has also worked as a professor at Canada Christian College in the Psychology Department.

Counselling is about meeting with a professional counselor to learn how you can manage your own life and to resolve difficulties that are hindering you from moving forward. The counselor’s role is to teach, mentor, coach and support you in achieving your goals. This is accomplished by analyzing yourself, your life and your relationships, and learning how to adjust your thinking, your feelings and your behaviour in order to reach a more positive, happier and fulfilling life.

You do not need a doctor's referral. We're here for you when you need us.


Note Minors will require written consent from a guardian.

Service areas and programs we offer:

  • High-risk kids and teens

  • Youth and family counselling, including couples counselling

  • Drug and alcohol counselling

  • Trauma counselling of both individuals and groups

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