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"My card reads, Addictions Counsellor, but I add Trauma because that’s the root cause of a lot of the addictions we suffer. We can all quit but we’ll relapse if we don’t get to the root."


"Addictions are survival skills—a way to cope—to get through the trauma, to numb the pain. There’s no judgement here. It’s just a matter of instilling hope. Having lived through addictions myself, I understand that people need to know and love themselves."


"Call the Health Centre (250) 847-9328 anytime during the week and we’ll set an appointment. I don’t believe in waiting lists, because it takes a lot of courage to go to counselling."


Note Our Addictions Counsellor is on leave until March 31, 2018. For assistance with mental wellness issues, contact our Mental Wellness Counsellor, Joann Lameck at extension 408.

June Wickham provides counselling to youth, families and individuals with a focus on addictions and trauma counselling

June Wickham, Addictions and Trauma Counsellor

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